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Despite the Morrison government projecting an agreeable and congenial, hail fellow well met persona, it seems that we yet again have another of the same old, hand-wringing, vanilla and beige, milquetoast Liberal governments, transfixed like the proverbial rabbit in the headlights, not knowing which way to jump and too anxious, timid and scared to make any kind of decision on anything.



While strutting and showboating on the international stage, Scott Morrison, in another example of ‘look over there’, dazzle and distract has signed Australia up to the Mars space race but back home where farmers, small business and families have to deal with and confront every day reality, his government can’t make an announcement about the things that matter.


They can’t even announce how they’re going to get water from where it is to where it needed, they can’t even announce a dam to be built and they can’t even announce a coal fired power station to deliver available, affordable and reliable electricity but are quite happy to sign us up for a rocket to Mars.


This government is showing itself up to be a pathetic and unimpressive bunch, big on bluster but short on action. Analogous to today’s announcement, someone should put a rocket up them on a one way ticket to Mars.



The slow motion, wading through the treacle of getting stuff done, sweating the small stuff like the two Gladys’ last week, the eye glazing torpor, the torture, the lethargy and the low grade quality of some of the ministers and members, all adds up to an accidental government of which many of its members, seem to be just along for the ride.



Scott Morrison can only get away with the upbeat, bright eyed and bushy tailed visiting uncle persona and the ‘how good is Australia’ schtick, for so long before the honeymoon begins to sour and tests the patience of the quiet Australian.


The slick, chatty and smiley rhetoric designed to get through another day and another news cycle, is thin gruel and no substitute for solid and substantial, meat on the bones policy announcements on water, energy and an entire panoply of others issues.