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In all the noise about the militant transgender activism  there is something that I’ve been entertaining in recent weeks and months that in my mind has now crystallised and confirmed

Twenty years ago at the peak of the militant Islamic global fundamentalism, intolerance and militarism, in the shadow of 9/11,  the world had no problem with the QWERTY keyboard gay mafia.

They had their annual parade down Oxford Street, and that was about it for another year. They lived their lives and everyone just got along. No one cared and they still don’t.

At the same time, the Muslim militants and fundamentalists living in the West like Hizb ut-Tahrir were determined to shove their beliefs and ideology down our throats. It got very scary and very ugly.

Now the wheel has turned 180 degrees

It’s the militant Gaystapo and gender delusion crowd, aided by government and the big end of town who have become the more militant and intolerant on the back of the edicts of the diversity, equity and inclusion doctrine and are, just like “the party” in 1984 determined to shove their beliefs and ideology down our throats and convince everyone that there are more than two genders and that 2+2=5.

That a person can capriciously change from men to women.

The fact that it’s has broad support by governments around the world buttressed by law makes it just as, or more scary than Islamic fundamentalism.

In this bizzaro world, the values and beliefs of the average person on gender and other things, are aligning more and more with the Muslims.

The Muslims are on the side of the reasonable, clear thinking, mainstream and have become our allies in the gender wars.

Both the militant Muslims and the militant transgender groomers and militant gays and drag queens are coming for your kids as they try to redefine paedophilia as somehow respectable and just another harmless sexual orientation and lifestyle choice, are not only criminal but also delusional as they defy and fly in the face of logic, reason and biology.

Both are determined to take us into a very bleak and dystopian, new, dark age.