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Interesting to hear the  term ‘equity’ casually being tossed around these days, not so much in Australia, yet, but definitely in America which means, it will wash up here eventually.

The idea is to encourage and fool people into thinking that it’s simply another word for and interchangeable with and to be subconsciously at least, conflated with, equality.

Who could possibly argue with equity after all? It sounds so benign, so harmless and most people won’t even think about it’s deeper, underlying meaning.

Many conservatives will say, who cares!! It’s just a word.

Well, the left cares, that’s who and that’s what matters. They have always understood the power of words and language and how to manipulate and use them.

Make no mistake, words are weapons.

Equity is one of those words that is cleverly deployed and designed to deceive, something the left is very good at with the manipulation of language by calling concepts and ideas something that is the exact opposite of what they actually are.

Here’s the difference —

Equality means the equality of opportunity, what in Australia we call ‘a fair go’ and everyone is on board with that.

On the other hand, equity means the exact opposite.

Equity means the equality of outcome regardless of your personal input or work ethic, how hard you work or your god given ability and talents, either physically or intellectually.

So if you think you’ve heard of this idea before under another name it’s because you have.

It’s straight out of the Marx playbook: “..From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs..”

Or if you like, wealth redistribution, aka, socialism at best communism at worst.