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We all think that the propaganda of the so called “Safe Schools” program has only arisen in 2016. As you can see in this feature, (itself from Oct 2009) it’s been around since the mid 90’s.

“…Jennings boasted in a 1995 speech entitled “Winning the Culture War” that he “tilted” the 1990 Massachusetts report with use of the term “safe” in order to put opponents of pro-homosexual curriculum in that state “on the defensive”. His national template, used over and over in hundreds of districts and thousands of schools across the country, is to fabricate an epidemic of bullying and violence to homosexuals in schools, in part by citing bogus census or other statistics where classes of people are conflated to come-up with artificially high numbers of incidents of sexual-orientation-based “bullying”, “harassment” or violence.

The next step is to contend that the only solution is to make “allies” out of 100% of the straight students in the school or district. “Allies” are made by implementing a usually district-wide “safe-schools” or “anti-bullying” curriculum that force-feeds homosexual propaganda to kindergarten through 12th grade.

In his revelatory 1995 speech, Jennings accurately stated that in order for his side to win, it was essential to keep control of the terminology, especially the term “safety”. He admittedly seized on the pre-existence of this popular Reagan theme and nomenclature of “safe schools.” The tactic worked well for him; he got his pro-homosexual curriculum in Massachusetts. And if it worked in Massachusetts, Jennings realized that it could work nationwide — and it has…” Kevin Jennings’ twisted terminology