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I regard to the horrific murder in a French church, isn’t it amazing how a certain religion can turn a normal young man into a monster, capable of perpetrating such an atrocity on a gentle human being, and sincerely believe his “god” will approve?

Ian Mastin, Woodgate Beach, Qld

I am waiting for some bright spark to claim that if it weren’t for the Crusades, the 86-year-old priest in Normandy wouldn’t have had his throat cut.

Martin Fitzgerald, Pennant Hills, NSW

The demise of freedom and rise of Islamist terror in Europe continues unabated. Worshipping in churches without fear, or sitting in a coffee shop, can no longer be taken for granted. The throat-slitting murder of a French priest during a mass in his own church typifies the horror Europeans now face.

Brian Whybrow, Wanniassa, ACT

The murder of a priest in France by Islamic State combatants is an escalation of global jihadist intentions on all non-Islamic society. This murder cuts to the heart of Western Christian life and values exposing the barbarism and criminality beyond notions of racism and victimhood. There is no excuse. Muslims can’t hide from this.

Muslim culture practises racism every time it chooses to refer to itself as Muslim and not as a citizen of a particular nation. Here, we are not Muslims or Christian or Hindus, we are Australians first. We are free to choose and practise any religion, but we are Australians first with a duty to make the nation the best it can be. Islam is not a nation, it is a culture based on a religious belief.

The only form of deradicalisation we should entertain is one that removes the special status Muslims seek within the context of their victimhood. If they do not wish to be integrated citizens of their adopted nations they should identify a different nation to live in. Australia has to be free of these elements before we succumb like Europe. Tightening of terror laws is an excellent start.

Mary Jardine Clarke, Spearwood, WA

The problem with many who claim the high ground of tolerance is that they believe its definition is to put up with anyone with whom you are in furious agreement.

Tim Watkins, McDowall, Qld