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Bill Leak should be incarcerated — that’s twice this week he has depicted the truth. We can’t have that; it sets a terrible example.

Geoff Rutherford, Clayfield, Qld

What is disturbing is not Bill Leak’s cartoon, it is the sanctimony and confected outrage from the Twittersphere. Leak is the premier political cartoonist in the nation by a country mile. His refusal to bow to political correctness is precisely what makes him a national treasure.

John McLeod, Sunshine Coast, Qld

It is too much to expect that the tiny-minded totalitarians who have accused Bill Leak of racism because of his cartoon that cuts to the heart of dysfunction in indigenous society, would understand satire. Satire would not exist in a world controlled by these adolescents. Well done, Bill. His cartoon speaks truthfully, not racially.

Jim Wilson, Beaumont, SA

Leak is one of our finest cartoonists, a shining light head and shoulders above his mundane, soft-headed contemporaries. I hope you give him an apprentice so his legacy can be passed on.

Marc Hendrickx,
Berowra Heights, NSW