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I haven’t had so much fun for years watching the mass meltdown of those who would impose their moral superiority on us and who can’t comprehend how Donald Trump could possibly have won the US presidential election. From the condescending Penny Wong and Richard Di Natale, through to the consensus of ABC commentators, virtue-signalling celebrities and down to the mass of social justice warriors taking to the streets and on social media, it has been a joy to behold.

The West has been in the grip of stifling political correctness and catastrophic “progressive” social engineering experiments for far too long, and at last we are seeing the long-suffering silent majority being mobilised to face down this attack on our social values and democratic freedoms.

Cheap name-calling of those who resist the politically correct brigade doesn’t cut it any more. Australian politicians take note, there is an army of good folk out there who are as mad as hell with what has been imposed on them without their consent, and who have determined not to take it any more.

Ian Mastin, Woodgate Beach, Qld