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What Thinking Australians Are Thinking. Some good meat and potatoes in this batch…

One of your pictures (11/11) shows a young woman with a placard that says, “Hatred is unwelcome. F. k Donald Trump”. The hypocrisy is this message sums up the Left that was rejected by US voters.

Mike Young, Swanbourne, WA

Evidently ABC presenter Virginia Trioli felt confident her comments about Donald Trump supporter’s IQs as well as Melania Trump’s body, were acceptable in her ABC professional workplace.

Sarah Childs, Lithgow, NSW

Donald Trump may not be a career politician but his instinct told him that the people looked around and saw an America in decline. They resented being patronised by smug commentators with trendy slogans who were out of touch with the real world. And then the people spoke.

Alan Freedman, St Kilda East, Vic

Intellectuals, columnists, left-wing elites and writers are upset at the Donald Trump result. To them it’s about ideology, but to someone who can’t pay the rent, buy food for their family, find a job and make ends meet, it’s about survival. They say uneducated white males didn’t get it, but they’re the ones who don’t seem to get it.

I drive a cab and though I wouldn’t have voted for Trump, I can understand why people did. While supporters of political parties always shake it off, do some soul searching, sob a bit, and think about the next election, the poor still wonder how they’ll pay next week’s rent, because the dole or eight bucks an hour in a cab doesn’t cut it. I used to have an ideology but at the moment I just can’t afford one, and the party I supported has all but deserted its working-class roots.

Allan Graveur, Albion, Qld

It is always amazing that under the guise of democracy we observe hysteria, radical demonstrations, effigy burnings, and injuries to innocent people because a minority radical element cannot accept the contrary decision by the great majority of the voting people.

The saddest part is that this has infiltrated our schools with left-wing teachers and propagandists stuffing children’s brains with radical ideology. Free speech is a great foundation of democracy, but we should stand against radicalism and destructive propaganda no matter where it occurs, but especially when it creeps into our primary schools.

The demonstrators in the US are part of the radical rent-a-crowd groups that believe that destruction of property can change things.

Tom Sinclair, Bondi Junction, NSW

Donald Trump’s campaign stirred emotions in Australia. On one side of politics, the values of the Left have become a kind of new-age religion. These leftists have been doing our thinking for us, and now Trump’s victory has dealt a blow to their credibility. The Left is angry because it will now have to think about the actual world around us.

On the conservative side, we are sick of unemployment, homelessness and petty regulations. We want our jobs back, we want our lives back, we want the immigration of thugs to stop. We want our prosperous little country back where the rule of law prevails. Trump has given us hope.

Peter Gilet, Subiaco, WA

Donald Trump’s victory is a testament to the silent majority who refuse to adhere to the leftist prism of viewing everything in life through gender and racial divisions. Trump was successful because he ignored the left- dominated media and spoke directly to the voters about issues that affected their everyday lives.

Only those out of touch with the reality of life in the US would be surprised by Trump’s victory.

Jonathan Whybird, Springwood, Qld

I must admit, it was a bit selfish of white American males to actually take part in the election process. They obviously don’t realise that when Abraham Lincoln said that all men are created equal, he wasn’t including them, especially those older ones whose fathers, uncles, brothers and cousins sacrificed their lives on the distant lands of Europe and in the Pacific fighting against tyranny and fascism. Nor was he including those uneducated workers who toiled for little reward, accepting their lot in life; not wanting much for themselves other than to feel secure, but who hoped that their efforts may enable their children to attain an education.

These white, middle-aged males have overstepped the mark this time.

Graham Hood, Green Point, NSW

Our politicians quietly exterminate the plebiscite bill, depriving Australians of the ability to be informed — and to express a view — on whether marriage should be redefined.

It’s done late at night in the Senate, on a Monday night, in a week they know all eyes are on the US election.

The voters in the US election startled the world by saying: “We have had enough of political-class skulduggery, and we are fed up with paying these people who rob us of our voice.” The push-back is underway.

Sophie York, Turramurra, NSW