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Great interview. Tucker Carlson on Fox and Tammy Bruce on Fox News about the brown shirted, jackbooted, heel clipping, violence being promoted by the feral left. Miranda Devine covers similar ground in her side bar piece in todays Telegraph on the attempts to hound into silence, Margaret Court  writing “..The vicious attacks are designed not just punish the 74 year old tennis legend for opposing same sex marriage but to warn off anyone else who disagrees with them..” Dan Flynn from Australian Christian Lobby, says “..the aim of the savage demonstration was to destroys Courts reputation and intimidate anyone else into silence who believes in traditional marriage..”
As Devine points out, the rainbow fascists have single handedly, made the case for a plebiscite. Very ugly and very dangerous times.
A couple of books by Tammy Bruce worth downloading on to your Kindle, The Death of Right and Wrong and The New Thought Police.