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How to make a bad situation worse. You break it, you own it.
All this talk of removing Assad in Syria is stupid, dumb and dangerous. Didn’t workout to well the last few times did it, in Libya, Iraq, Egypt?

The one thing the Arab despots understand that the West doesn’t, is the crazed chaotic and confused mindset theyre dealing with on the Arab street, and what’s required to keep the place ticking over.

It’s quite apparent that those who think they know, don’t and are incapable of learning from even the most recent history (less than a decade) and like the French Bourbons, they’ve learnt nothing and forgotten nothing.

An hour or two later —- Great minds….

Jennifer Oriel in today’s Australian.

“….The acquired Western habit of ­deposing foreign heads of state has not yielded a net benefit for the free world. It has left the Western world in a state of deep debt by fighting wars we cannot win. It has empowered jihadist groups across the Middle East and contributed to refugee crises that push Islamists into the West.

Whatever the West feels about Assad, we must recognise that he is a third-term president elected by his people. His recorded approval rating is very high. If Western leaders want to unseat Assad, they must establish an evidence-based case and seek the prior consent of the Syrian people by democratic election.

A democratic political solution should precede military action. The West cannot afford another Libya, especially in a country where the government is democratically elected, and jihadist groups backed by Islamic State and al-Qa’ida are vying for power.

Several studies show the majority of Syrian rebel groups seek to establish an Islamist state. To do so, they must first provoke regime change to oust Assad and his ­government. It is a scenario that frightens persecuted minorities in the region…”   Reckless West could unleash jihadist hell in Syria