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The best analogy is a comparison to that of the anorexic who believes that they’re fat when they’re not. It’s all in their head. This is no different. It’s all in their head. Like believing you’re Napoleon, or any other delusion, it’s a psychological issue and rather than demand we go along with their delusion, they should seek help.

In the meantime play dress ups, knock yourself out but leave the rest of us alone. Particularly women’s sport. Stay out of it. You have no business being there.

It’s gender and sporting ‘cultural appropriation’ and the insult is compounded as they try to convince everyone that they’re somehow playing and competing against real women on a level playing field.

It’s no different to drug cheating because transgender men bring greater muscle mass, skeletal advantages and over all physiology and muscle memory to the field of play, in whatever the sport they’re involved in.

Even if you accept that a man can become a woman, the other critical factor they bring to the contest and that never gets mentioned is an air and a confidence of being a male and knowing they’re stronger. This is the psyching out factor. The edge, if you like. The superior edge born from being a male for most of your life.

Call it the knowing. You know you’ve got it and you know that your opposition knows.

How do you measure that?

To frame all this another way and look at it through the other end of the telescope, if I were a female knowing I’m going up against a transgender male either in an individual or team activity, the other advantage the transgender has, is that before they even run on to the field or ‘take your marks’, the females are at a disadvantage because whether they admit it or not, they would be subconsciously intimidated and psychologically thrown off balance. Even more so, given the now established ‘track record’ of many of these trans athletes breaking all kinds of records after years as mediocre male athletes.

Experts and administrators maybe able to measure the testosterone levels in a test-tube or specimen jar but how do they measure the ‘back of the mind’ distraction and intimidation? How do they measure the immeasurable of the psychological edge. Of the psychological advantage of being able to so easily throw your female opposition off balance by your mere presence in the next lane on the athletic track or in the pool?

That’s the important thing to remember and is difficult to convey or measure. Sport is a mind game at the best of times. This simply makes it more so to the disadvantage of actual females