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“….It may be instructive (or at least entertaining) to relate modern politics to that of ancient Rome. They had the creator of the empire, Augustus; we had Reagan. They had ineffective, licentious Tiberius and Caligula; we had Bill Clinton. They had Claudius, who dabbled in foreign wars; we had W. They had Nero, an egomaniac who brought the empire to the brink of ruin; we have Obama. What came next after the ensuing chaos was Vespasian, an outsider. He began the Flavian dynasty and got Rome’s treasury in order, stopped useless wars, brought peace and stability, and rebuilt Rome (structures such as the Coliseum were started by him and completed by his son, Titus.) In short, Vespasian made Rome great again. Believers in the real desperately want our Vespasian to check uncontrolled spending and the destruction of American values and to stop the surrender of our national sovereignty.

I define real people as non-elite Americans. Real people are not celebrities, CEOs, national politicians, pontificators at think-tanks, or the majority of college professors. They are plumbers, nurses, construction workers, miners, programmers, bus drivers, school crossing guards, sanitation workers, accountants, and countless other occupations. Real people are not monolithic in either their thinking or appreciations. Some like football; others don’t care. Some fish, some hunt, and some would rather stay home and read a book. Real people are different, yet they all share a single trait: their eyes are open, and they can see what’s happening around them. Real people are not pleased by what they see….” Trump: The Art Of The Real