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And of course there’s Hizb-ut Tahir. Banned in most Muslim countries in the Middle East but at liberty to free range in Australia and spread their ideological, religious and political poison 
“..Right now the Trump administration is considering whether to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, which sounds to Arab ears like “Is the Pope Catholic?” Do the Saudis play double games?” “Are the mullahs of Iran really genocidal?”
The answer is Yes! Yes! and Yes!
Which is why even Saudi Arabia, Russia, Syria, Bahrain, and the UAE have officially designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terror group. One of biggest on the Sunni side of the street.
A lot of Muslim money is still flowing into Democrat coffers today, which is why Muslim radical Keith Ellison was almost elected head of the DNC. The Gulf Arabs gave Bill Clinton a million-dollar “birthday present” a while ago, you might remember. Only the blindest of the blind can think that was just to be nice. We simply have a lot of people in high places working for the other side. They think we are all stupid, so they hardly to hide their corruption. They’ve got media cover.
How does all this look from Cairo?
Somehow the left never seems to get that jihad is basic to Islam, no matter how often they see innocent people getting murdered.
The Muslim Brotherhood is now making war on the Sisi regime in Egypt. Egyptians are in no doubt about the MBs and terrorism. They know about them. They also know how much money and power the Moobs enjoy in Washington, D.C. This should be a national scandal, with Congressional hearings and more. The Permanent Government in DC is certainly penetrated by groups like the MBs. After all, Michael Scheuer, the Clinton administration’s head of the Bin Laden desk at the CIA, actually turned out to be a Bin Laden fan. There’s a lot of rot in the Permanent Government.
Trump’s team has a lot to do, and we must keep up the pressure….” The Arabs Know that the Moslem Brotherhood are Terrorists