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The left will use any weapon at hand to wage the culture wars even to the extent of betraying what they say they believe in. 
“….British hospitals report an average of fifteen cases of female genital mutilation each day, yet despite the practice being illegal since 1984 there have been no successful prosecutions. Where are the feminists on this and other issues such as forced marriages and ‘honour’ killings? Nowhere, it seems
Since cultural identity is said to play a more pervasive role in the lives of certain minority groups, cultural feminists argue that the individual members of such groups should be accorded special rights (privileges) lest their minority status be endangered by the dominant culture. Any criticism of cultural or religious practices—including female genital mutilation and forced marriage—is summarily dismissed as a form of “colonialist imperialism”, one which is disrespectful of the more deep-seated traditions of non-majoritarian ethnic and religious groups.
The issue of genital mutilation is an excellent example. Although the amputation of the clitoris (sometimes the entire vulva) from a woman’s genitalia is commonly practised in several Muslim-majority countries, Germaine Greer and other like-minded feminists contend that this brutal mutilation of girls as young as five years old “needs to be considered in context”. Hence, any attempt by Western governments to eliminate such a heinous practice has been perceived as “an attack on cultural identity”. Greer, the author of The Female Eunuch (1970), has notoriously supported some of the most appalling actions of radical Islamic groups. In 1989, after Ayatollah Khomeini issued his fatwa condemning Salman Rushdie to death for writing The Satanic Verses, Greer saw nothing wrong with Khomeini’s fatwa. She called Rushdie “a megalomaniac” and added: “I approve of the behaviour of the Muslims.”
Cultural feminists are on record linking any criticism of female genital mutilation to a form of “cultural imperialism”.
Given such moral relativism it is no wonder that “cultural excuses” are a common strategy in the vast majority of criminal cases involving non-white male violence against women and children. These criminal cases relate to “cultural” practices such as honour killings, child molestation, forced marriage and polygamy.
The notion of “cultural defence” has been successfully applied in a variety of criminal trials in the United States, including (1) the kidnap and rape of women by men who claimed that such actions are part of their cultural practice; (2) wife murder by immigrants from Asian and Middle Eastern countries whose wives have either committed adultery or treated their husbands “inappropriately”; (3) the murder of children by Japanese or Chinese mothers who also tried but failed to commit suicide, claiming that the shame of their husband’s infidelity drove them to the culturally condoned practice of mother-child murder-suicide…”  Cultural Feminism Betrays Women