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“…..Anyone who reviews the facts has to question why the Clintons would pardon Rich. The answer is one and half million dollars to the Clintons. Hillary is upset because the FBI disclosure reminds everyone of another sordid bit of Clinton corruption.

Rich and his business partner, Pincus Green, were indicted in 1983 for wire fraud and racketeering, with some charges relating to doing business with Iran during the hostage crisis when there were restrictions on doing business with Iran.

Denise Rich, wife of Marc Rich, gave $450,000 to the Clinton Library and donated over one million dollars to Democratic Party campaigns during the Clinton era. The Clintons pardoned Rich.

The pardon request for Marc Rich did not go through normal channels at the Justice Department but was sent directly to the White House by Rich’s attorney Jack Quinn, former Clinton White House counsel. The Clinton machine at work.

The Rich pardon also focuses attention on the probability that Obama will pardon Hillary if Hillary loses the election…” FBI release of Marc Rich pardon documents highlights Clinton Corruption