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“…Upon Turnbull’s election to the Liberal leadership after the second and successful coup attempt, an intrepid anonymous blogger started a website called Stop Turnbull, at which he or she catalogued in graphic detail the complete history of Turnbull’s Labor connections and his attempts at forging a political career through the ALP.
Fast forward to this week’s breaking news on the Liberal Party’s latest (leaked) moves on same sex marriage, and the Turnbull game plan is out there for all to see.
Those of us ancient enough or sufficiently interested in great old movies will know the story of The Manchurian Candidate in its original form, starring Frank Sinatra and the chilling Angela Lansbury, among others. Younger readers might know the inferior Denzel Washington version. For those who neither, the story recounts the planting of a brainwashed American, captured in the Korean War, who unwittingly becomes a secret communist agent and is years later injected into the US presidential election cycle to wreak havoc and to bring down the whole system.
Apart from Obama, schooled in Alinskyism and the by-any-means-necessary mores of Chicago politics, the most obvious candidate for the modern title of Manchurian Candidate must be one Malcolm Bligh Turnbull.
Conspiracy theory? Consider this…” The Mal-churian Candidate