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This is where we’ve arrived. This the end result, the destination of the dumbing down over the last 30 or 40 years, combined with the uninhibited and unopposed march through the institutions by the left. It is five minutes to midnight and apart from Trump there is not a single leader in the West prepared to call it out, start pushing back and start draining the septic tank of public life. They are clueless and confused, ignorant and gutless in equal measure. With their high-minded virtue signaling, gesture politics  and their appeals to tolerance, they have lost all moral authority. They have no idea what they believe in (nothing it would seem) or any understanding of the wellspring of their Western heritage.

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation poll, discovered on the 100th anniversary of the communist takeover of Russia, that more of those 35 years old and under – the so called Millennials – prefer to live in a socialist country, or even a communist one, over a free-market, capitalist one. This is outlined in the most recent Spectator article Marx, mass murder and moronic Millennials and in American Thinker Does Millennials incomplete brain development explain their fondness for communism? 

I find it ironic and a confirmation of the ignorance of many young people these days, that they would never think to wear a T shirt with a swastika or an image of Hitler but are happy to be seen in and wear as a badge of honour, T shirts with images of  Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Mao Tse-Tung, Lenin and Joe Stalin. These murderers are regarded as “cool” apparently. There’s even a cutesy infant bodysuit baby romper available which depicts Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Engels and Marx. Last year the UN observed a minute of silence to honour Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and the President of the General Assembly described Castro as: “One of the iconic leaders of the 20th century, with a great love for his homeland and the Cuban people, he dedicated his life to their welfare and development


“…Forty-four per cent of Millennials would prefer to live in a socialist country, seven per cent in a communist country and seven per cent in a fascist one. Only 42 per cent opt for capitalism.

This goes way beyond just being moronic. This is mind-blowing, words-fail-me moronic. Our young people are morons. Not all of them, true – and I apologise to all those who aren’t, including all of my young friends – but not an insignificant minority either: a majority, in fact; nearly 60 per cent!

These are the results of a second annual study commissioned by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation and conducted by YouGov. The survey also shows that while young people totes heart socialism, most of them have trouble actually defining ideologies like socialism, communism, fascism and capitalism. So while for some, socialism is a conscious preference, for others it’s clearly “anything but what we have at the moment…”