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Yep. Totally agree. And about time someone called out the rort for what it is….
“..The ABS believes there are actually 786,689 Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders after adjusting for undercounting.
On the counted numbers alone, that is 18.4 per cent growth – more than can be explained by the birth rate.
On the estimated numbers the growth is a 17.4 per cent since 2011.
In contrast, the rest of the population grew by 8.8 per cent, and with the help of immigration.
I must assume it’s fashionable to identify as Aboriginal among people who have a choice. Or there are more financial benefits in doing so.
Interestingly, the biggest growth is in Victoria – 25.8 per cent. That’s presumably where intermarriage rates are higher. It’s also our most Left-wing state.
That suggests a real public policy issue. With such huge growth in people identifying as Aboriginal – and in richer states – the demographic profile is being changed.…”