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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Assad is back for good in Syria – and with Trump’s blessing — The Spectator

Amidst all the fulmination, bluster and unhinged Russia, Russia Russia, Trump derangement syndrome, something else happened this week that was bigger, much bigger than any of that.
Five will get you ten you never heard anything about it. Basically for the first time in many, many decades, the Middle East has been entirely recast and Trump was central to it. Let’s start with a permanent cease fire between Israel and Syria who have been at each other’s throat and on a war footing since 1948 and go from there.

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Professors call to shut down nations universities — The Hill

The gravest internal threat to this country is not illegal aliens; it is leftist professors who are waging a war against America and teaching our young people to hate this country. When the term “Western civilization” is equated with racism, cultural superiority and pervasive oppression, and students in my political philosophy class refuse to study the works of John Stuart Mill or John Locke (or any other white thinker) because they consider them white supremacists, there is no lower level of educational hell.

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Trump and the squealing media pimps

Trump is tripling down and taking it up his critics. Later this year in November, there are the mid term elections in the US and before the polling booths have even opened the Democrats and their media pimps are squealing Russian meddling and interference. Again!!! But also, as revealed this morning and into this mix, Trump has invited Putin to visit Washington later this year as well. Popcorn anyone??

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Random Note – Boats, The ACTU and Labor

With their policy of putting the sugar back on the table, turbo charging and firing up the people smugglers and re-starting the boats and accepting all comers who make land fall and the shutting down of off shore detention centres, the ACTU is exhibiting all the hallmarks of the French Bourbons. Contrast and compare. The quality of sensible ACTU leadership, then and now. Bob Hawke, Simon Crean, Martin Ferguson and the current gaggle of hard left social justice warriors and Marxists heading the ACTU, like secretary Sally McManus and newly elected president, Michele O’Neil.

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Ted Kennedy Colluded With Russia to Subvert a Presidential Election

In a secret letter written to Soviet General Sec. Yuri Andropov, Kennedy said he was eager to “counter the militaristic policies” of Reagan and “undermine his prospects for re-election in 1984.” His plan had everything. Fake news, a pliant opposition media, and a cutout to keep him from direct contact with the KGB.

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Random Note — John Brennan former head of the CIA

The question Brennan needs to answer is that in his capacity as head of the CIA between 2013 and 2016, where was he and his spooks when all this Russian meddling was going on under his watch? Or was he a Russian plant too? After all, he does actually admit to being a communist sympathiser during the Cold War and voting for the communist presidential candidate, Gus Hall in 1976.

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Random Note — Re-education Returns to China. Many will be shocked by this, but perhaps on reflection, we shouldn’t be.

With the very essence and purpose of re-education being to enforce pc, state approved thought and speech to make the citizenry buckle under and to ensure strict adherence and compliance with, the approved guidelines and state approved orthodoxy, Australia already has its own version of, metaphorical, re-education camps with the application of the psychological ‘barbed wire’, bullying and groupthink of the various commissions, committees and tribunals like the federal, Human Rights and Race discrimination Commission and 18c

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Random Note — Trump, NATO and the dinosaurs

Watching Donald Trump at the NATO summit, call out and harangue the usual array of freeloading, numbskulls from the member nations, it occurred to me that Trump is to the established order (aka) the swamp, in the US, Europe, UK, and Canberra what the meteor of 66 million years ago was to planet earth when it took out the dinosaurs. And just like the dinosaurs, the modern day swamp dwellers have no idea what hit them. A similar shakeout of the practices of the slow moving dolts and dinosaurs of our times will be no bad thing.

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Random Note — Populism

Have you noticed when society is moving in the preferred direction of the elites they refer to it as democracy and when society is moving in the opposite or away from the preferred direction of the elites it’s sneeringly regarded as populism?

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