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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Akerman Mauls And Savages Turnbull — Sunday Telegraph

Compare what we are permitting out politicians to do to our economy with the triumph that Donald Trump’s presidency and his energy dominance policy is achieving in the US. Well, actually, there is no comparison.
In Australia, under either party, we have internationally uncompetitive company taxes, we have internationally uncompetitive energy prices and we have internationally uncompetitive labour costs. Not to mention the burden of hosting a burgeoning mig­rant population that doesn’t wish to assimilate and has shown an unhealthy fondness for generous welfare benefits

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Remember the Bahagwan and Ma (tough titties) Sheela: A Microcosm of Today’s Democrats? — American Thinker

This is the best comparison and description of the contorted and twisted outrage that has possessed and enveloped the Democrats in the US and the pan global left generally. Think, Jim Jones and his cult in Jonestown, Guyana and the Kool Aid mass suicide (900 people dead) and as this column points out, the 80’s cult of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’ and Ma Sheela. “..Many liberals today lack the ability to think on their own. They ingest hours upon hours of CNN and MSNBC hosts spewing out lie after lie, and the brainwashing draws them farther and farther in. It feels good to be a part of the Trump Derangement cult…”

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Random Note — Diagnosing Turnbull —

The one person who can turn this entire thing around if he is of a mind to is Malcolm Turnbull. But he won’t. He is either The Manchurian Candidate on a suicide mission and determined to take the Liberal Party over the cliff or in is own mind he seriously sees himself as a political and parliamentary operator in the Gough Whitlam mould as a crash through or crash kinda guy. In reality, he’s just a crash test dummy.

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Random Note — GetUp and Labor to target Dutton — The Australian

If the Electoral Commission ever wanted real time, slow mo, proof positive, from every angle, that GetUp is not just an associated entity of Labor but part of the run on side and integral (literally) to Labor’s ground game, it was there to see in Bass in 2016 when they campaigned against and ousted Andrew Nikolic and again last weekend in Longman

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Random Note — GetUp, an associated entity

Like an atrociously bad call by an NRL ref, if the electoral commission, ever wanted, real time, slow mo, proof positive, from every angle, that GetUp is not just an associated entity of Labor but part of the run on side and integral to its ground game, it was there to see last weekend in Longman and the people in “Grandstand Australia” in lounge rooms across the country saw it in living colour. It’s time the electoral ref picked up on this audacious, “in plain sight,” not so sneaky play and blew the whistle on GetUp.

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Dutton is right to reject this claptrap — Chris Merritt, The Australian, on The Global Compact for Migration

The big con is the guarantee that signatories will be free to enact their own migration policies. This promise, in paragraph 15 of the pact, is subject to the qualification that this freedom is to be exercised “in accordance with international law”. This form of words, which is peppered throughout the compact, might seem innocent, but it’s not. It invites some UN committee of experts to decide which Australian laws are in accord with international law.

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While you were sleeping, The Long March continues — Politically Correct Medicine, Quadrant

A few months ago it was the directive that nurses had to declare their “white privilege” before attending to their patients NOW The Medical Board of Australia draft code of conduct that will apply to all Australian doctors requires doctors to be “culturally safe” and comply with a patients’ beliefs about gender identity and sexuality, with no provision given for a doctor to differ in their professional judgements.

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Random Note — By Elections

Malcolm Turnbull said that the by elections were a test of leadership and policy. Less than forty eight hours later he dismally failed his own test.

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