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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Random Note — Diagnosing Turnbull —

The one person who can turn this entire thing around if he is of a mind to is Malcolm Turnbull. But he won’t. He is either The Manchurian Candidate on a suicide mission and determined to take the Liberal Party over the cliff or in is own mind he seriously sees himself as a political and parliamentary operator in the Gough Whitlam mould as a crash through or crash kinda guy. In reality, he’s just a crash test dummy.

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Random Note — GetUp and Labor to target Dutton — The Australian

If the Electoral Commission ever wanted real time, slow mo, proof positive, from every angle, that GetUp is not just an associated entity of Labor but part of the run on side and integral (literally) to Labor’s ground game, it was there to see in Bass in 2016 when they campaigned against and ousted Andrew Nikolic and again last weekend in Longman

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Random Note — GetUp, an associated entity

Like an atrociously bad call by an NRL ref, if the electoral commission, ever wanted, real time, slow mo, proof positive, from every angle, that GetUp is not just an associated entity of Labor but part of the run on side and integral to its ground game, it was there to see last weekend in Longman and the people in “Grandstand Australia” in lounge rooms across the country saw it in living colour. It’s time the electoral ref picked up on this audacious, “in plain sight,” not so sneaky play and blew the whistle on GetUp.

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Dutton is right to reject this claptrap — Chris Merritt, The Australian, on The Global Compact for Migration

The big con is the guarantee that signatories will be free to enact their own migration policies. This promise, in paragraph 15 of the pact, is subject to the qualification that this freedom is to be exercised “in accordance with international law”. This form of words, which is peppered throughout the compact, might seem innocent, but it’s not. It invites some UN committee of experts to decide which Australian laws are in accord with international law.

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While you were sleeping, The Long March continues — Politically Correct Medicine, Quadrant

A few months ago it was the directive that nurses had to declare their “white privilege” before attending to their patients NOW The Medical Board of Australia draft code of conduct that will apply to all Australian doctors requires doctors to be “culturally safe” and comply with a patients’ beliefs about gender identity and sexuality, with no provision given for a doctor to differ in their professional judgements.

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Random Note — By Elections

Malcolm Turnbull said that the by elections were a test of leadership and policy. Less than forty eight hours later he dismally failed his own test.

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Random Note – Terrible Shot

Can’t remember who said it but on this super Saturday of five by elections it’s worth putting it out there once again: Bill Shorten is a slow moving target but Malcolm Turnbull is a terrible shot.

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Look up before it’s too late. Politicians glued to screens ignore public clamour — Chris Kenny, The Australian

This is sobering stuff and a brilliant piece of writing by Chris Kenny that pretty much crystallises, confirms and distils what we already know and understand both, empirically and intuitively. ‘..These young people looking to get a start on a country newspaper are often some of the brightest kids around — they need excellent Year 12 grades to get into their university courses — and Mitchell was astounded that only one of his six interviewees could name the federal Treasurer and only one named the Opposition Leader..’

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Random Note — My Health Record

Your collapse in Woolworths while on holidays in North Queensland could be due to an event or surgery last week. That information could be crucial for attending doctors to know. They are going to need this regardless of your wishes and will be able to get it via other more circuitous, time consuming means. In an emergency, time is one thing you don’t have in abundance.

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Random Note — While you were sleeping — illegal immigration (part 3)

On the back of my post earlier this week and the update earlier today about illegal immigration specifically and the runaway train, legal immigration into Australia more generally supported by both Liberal and Labor, I think you’ll find this post from today’s Tucker Carlson program both apposite and riveting. It’s almost as if the worldwide, Lear Jet elites are reading from the same script, all at the same time

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