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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Random Note — Mark Levin goes feral as he cuts loose on Robert Mueller

Time was when the traditional newspapers, radio and television (the MSM) were the gatekeepers of information. If they didn’t publish or broadcast it, it didn’t happen. It was, literally, a non-event. But then along came cable television, the internet, bloggers, streaming and podcasts and the MSM are suddenly no longer the gatekeepers they once were.

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Random Note — The Climate Hoax

The DEBATE on climate Change is a hoax on a number of levels. The word debate is in caps for a good reason. 1...It’s a hoax in the sense that the idea of climate change as it has been and continues to be, debated, propagandised and promoted as a recent phenomenon is a...

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The problems with conservatives

You have to give credit where credits due. The left including Labor, GetUp, the unions and of course their media wing, the ABC and Fairfax, (9) and The Guardian play a brilliant ground game. They’ve got the strategy and tactics and the manpower on the street. They are...

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Random Note — Renewables unreliables variables

It’s stating the obvious, but as obvious as it is, it is obviously lost on so many, seemingly normal and intelligent people, so busy are they getting off on the misty eyed and misguided romance of renewable enrgy that it needs to be spelled out in clear concise...

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Random Note — Terror-Porn

With the live streaming on Facebook from the terrorists own body mounted GoPro and then via YouTube, we are in need of a new set of words to describe such a grotesque, malicious, satanic and obscene phenomenon. I’m not sure what they are, but for now at least, “terror-porn” will have to suffice.

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