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After reading Gerard Henderson column in The Australian, ‘Mistake not to promote Abbott’, it strikes me that Turnbull really screwed up on political strategy and tactics 101 with respect to Tony Abbott.

Rule 1. President Lyndon Johnson’s observation that ‘it’s better to have him inside the tent pissing out rather than outside the tent pissing in.’

Rule 2. In not giving Abbott a cabinet position as Abbott did for Turnbull as a shadow, after the 2010 election, which restricts a Ministers ability to speak outside his portfolio responsibilities and adhering to Cabinet solidarity, Turnbull is flying in the face of the Michael Corleone, Godfather maxim of ‘keep your friends close, and your enemies closer’

Meanwhile Bill Shorten, with a bucket of popcorn is kicking back, enjoying the show and following the advice of Napoleon. ‘Never interrupt your enemy while he’s busy making a mistake.’