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For many years I’ve been amazed how liberal lefties in the West latch on to and are comforted by the assurances given by smooth, suited, media talking heads and scribes that in the Koran it’s says that the killing of innocents is not condoned. In fact it actually says that “..whosoever killeth a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind..”
Phew, that’s a relief. There it is. (or isn’t) . There’s the evidence. Islam is a religion of piece after all, just like we’ve been assured all these years. Of course this is self deluding and misunderstands and mischaracterises exactly what is meant by “corruption” That’s tricky. And note the caveat. “other than”.
It only applies to those inside the tent as it were. Are outsiders and infidels (that’d be us) “part of a corruption in the earth”? Most assuredly. What about blasphemers and apostates? Ditto. Homosexuals? Again, sorry but yes. Even a fellow Muslim but the wrong type (ie) Shia V’s Sunni are also regarded as “corruption in the earth” by the opposite side. The other tricky word in the Muslim lexicon ‘persecution’; Muslims consider anyone, or thing, which impedes or blocks the free universal spread and reign of Allah’s religion i.e. Islam, to be committing persecution.
“….Fear not if confronted by an unpalatable fact, perhaps about a political hero or the tenets of a particular religion much in the news of late. Mainstream commentary will make that sore point vanish with inspired errors, tendentious claims, muddled thinking and politically correct obfuscation.
Recently I read an article in a prominent newspaper on Islam and terrorism by a seemingly well-qualified expert. He asserted this near the end of his article: “Killing innocents isn’t condoned by any religion…” There it is again. Ignorance, bias or political correctness strikes to hide the truth.
Take the those words “killing innocents”. Presumably the writer of the article would not mind adding, among other impositions, maiming, beating or incarcerating innocents. OK then, are decent homosexuals innocents? Are decent apostates innocents? Are decent blasphemers innocents? If they are, to this day, there is a state-sponsored religion that would punish them egregiously.
Take the phrase “isn’t condoned”. I might be a stickler, but I want my religion to condemn killing or punishing innocents, not merely to refuse to condone such acts. In my experience negative constructions are used by writers when they lack the confidence to put the case positively. This is a worry when killing people is at stake. With acknowledgement to Orwell, I prefer to describe my coffee table as black not ‘not un-black’…” Media Is the Massage