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I thought Janet Albrechtsen was smarter than that. Reading her column in The Australian, (Here’s a Conservative Case for Voting Yes 6/9) makes me wonder if she and others have really thought this thing through as it begs the question as to what her bottom line would be?


At what point and over what issue would she vote no? Because as sure as night follows day, five will get you ten that once gay marriage is a done deal, there will be all manner of clamouring and demands by others seeking the same privilege under the same ruse of “marriage equality.”


Starting with polygamy through to marrying your dog, how will it be possible to mount any kind of moral or ethical case to deny that same privilege?

Many decry the concept of the slippery slope but as is always the case, by the time they find that it really does exist, it’ll be too late.


Her position is not dissimilar to the Greens and the general open borders mindset who talk of sustainable population growth at the same time as talking about let it rip, open borders.The two positions are mutually incompatible.

Reworking the 19th century Danish Philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, “Life is lived forward but learnt backwards.”