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The clever and tricky deployment of the phrase, Black Lives Matter is a device designed to box everyone into accepting everything else that’s inside the BLM package and shut down any counter comment because to deny the overarching principle that Black Lives Matter would be wrong.

That Black Lives Matter is a given. Of course they do. But that’s not what it’s about.

Black Lives Matter is very much one of those ‘gotcha’ coming and going statements about which there is no argument. It’s all or nothing. The total package complete with de-funding police and reparations or nothing, in which case you’re a racist and a bigot.

The simplistic phrase itself, Black Lives Matter, has been cleverly and specifically chosen as a rhetorical and linguistic device, designed not only to induce feelings of guilt in whites, but to direct and force acceptance of the accumulated dictates of the left and drive our society and culture where they want to take it.

It’s quite apparent that in a case of mission creep, the aboriginal deaths in custody movement has gone beyond its original intent and remit after being hijacked and harnessed as a fully owned subsidiary of Black Lives Matter, pushing a hard left, grab bag of grievances.

It’s gone beyond the scope embodied in the original message of aboriginal deaths in custody which is very specific. A message which everyone agrees with and understands both in terms of its history and its meaning.

On the other hand Black Lives Matter as a branded entity is deliberately vague, slippery, shadowy and opaque with a set of goal posts to be moved at will and designed to have other unrelated grievances packed in on the run.

To even question or cast doubt on its broader agenda and deeper mission is regarded as emotionally triggering, intolerant, insensitive and divisive.