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So Brittany Higgins collects a multi million dollar payout from the taxpayers for something that may or may not have happened to her.


Guilt, innocence or blame have never been established because the prosecution dropped the case.


So why? Am I missing something? I don’t get it.


This is the same Brittany Higgins who didn’t report the “rape” for several days, wouldn’t talk to police until she had been on The Project, resisted handing over her phone to police, deleted messages from her phone and lied to police.


So whatever happened or didn’t happen, happened on parliamentary property after an event at a restaurant. So what?


If it happened on a park bench, would that make the local council responsible?


Why should this involve taxpayers dollars? What kind of precedent does this payout create?


And if she’s entitled to a multi million dollar payout when nothings been  established or proven, why not him?


He has been vilified and his character has also been smeared and besmirched.


In fact to give a pay-out to one side not only further traduces and impugns his character but implies guilt not established in court.