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In the debate over core values we all intuitively know and understand what is meant in the Australian and Western context (mateship, loyalty, equal opportunity, freedom of speech and religion, a fair go and the rule of law) but it has become quite apparent there is an agenda as part of the cultural wars and the attack on Western civilisation, to break down and redefine these commonly understood principles. The main drivers in this have been the creation of a confected sense of victimhood entitlement and an expectation of equal respect for alien values no matter how abhorrent, derived from and turbo charged by identity politics and the all embracing shibboleths of the left: tolerance and diversity. These twin virtues hold to the clearly absurd proposition that all cultures are equal and all cultural practices and concomitant values are therefore also equal and should automatically be accepted and adopted as part of our bedrock core values without scrutiny, comment, judgement or criticism and with  no latitude or tolerance for total rejection of any or all such values. The end result can only be a Himalayan like exercise in plate tectonics where one set of values collides with and is subducted by others. This is tolerance and diversity off the leash and on the loose to our own detriment and as Karl Popper observed, “unlimited tolerance leads to the tolerant being destroyed by the intolerant, barriers and surveillance are necessary to protect an open society”