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Lenin once remarked that there are decades where nothing happens and there a week’s where decades happen. He could have been talking about the here and now.

We tend to cite Orwell or even The Simpsons as being prescient and way ahead of the curve with their predictions, but so too was Jonathan Swift.

Swift was almost three hundred years ahead, with his 1726 book, Gulliver’s Travels where hundreds of six inch Lilliputian people tied him down while he slept.

That is exactly what has happened to the West generally and America particularly.

We’ve been tied down while nodding off and sleeping.

Getting fat and mesmerised and just like the Romans before us, distracted by sport and bullshit reality television and shock horror tabloid headlines and all of a sudden we’ve woken up, wondering what the hell happened and how did we get here, tied down and unable to move.

But worse!!! Apparently like Gulliver so comfortable and so wracked and preoccupied and paralysed with an intense and overwhelming feeling of guilt, not wanting to be seen insulting his hosts and not even wanting to move.

And just like Gulliver, tied down not just by pygmies, but subversive, intellectual pygmies at that.

China, North Korea, Russia, Iran, Al Qaeda and the Taliban all have the champagne on ice and the popcorn popping and simply watching and waiting as America, with all its military might, wealth and power rips itself asunder and fails to defend itself against a radical minority of street thugs, goons, gangsters and heavily tatted rap “artists” with their suits and tie facilitators in key state and local government positions of authority and power along with their far left radical media enablers and boosters aiding and abetting on the sidelines.

I keep hearing that America is the greatest country ever on the face of the planet, (I thought it was Australia or maybe New Zealand) but in this test of will against a motley crew of callow, vitamin deficient, anaemic, subversive misfits of sociopaths, pinkos and useful idiots, I’m not seeing it.

There seems to be a distinct lack of political will to meet fire with fire.

I’m not seeing the Teddy Roosevelt, “speak softly and carry a big stick” routine or even seeing the iron fist in a velvet glove routine.

What is needed in fact, is an iron fist in an iron glove routine.

I keep thinking that there must be a method or a plan in there somewhere as to how this plays out in an election year, but I’m not so sure.

Is America so enveloped in some kind of mad, psychotic fog of misplaced guilt?

Has it become so totally groomed, manipulated, corrupted and brainwashed as a nation, that this fifty year war of attrition from the radical left, has them second guessing themselves?

To further the comparative Gulliver story-line, consider the following passage and where it reads arrows and spears, think, bottles, bricks and Molotov cocktails

“..Gulliver can quite easily break these “strings,” but when he attempts to do so and break free completely, the Lilliputians attack him with volleys of arrows and spears. Thus he considers it “the most prudent method to lie still . . . till night.” After a while, though, Gulliver doesn’t try to break loose from the restraints because he considers himself “bound by the laws of hospitality.” After all, the Lilliputians have gone to some considerable trouble and expense to feed Gulliver with huge quantities of meat and wine. Gulliver is thus restrained, at this point, more by his own notions of honour than by the “strings” tied across his body and pegged to the floor..”