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Gas, pipelined from the well head to the domestic water heater is fast becoming the last remaining energy certainty and luxury.

People want their hot water when they want it or need it.

Why would you give that up in a horse trade with the Greens?

The last prime minister to horse trade with the Greens on energy was John Howard in 1998 when he traded away (and a ban was imposed) on any prospect of nuclear as an energy source.

And so here we are. Just when we desperately need it, it’s off the table.

So pardon me if I’m a little cynical and jaundiced over another prime ministerial masterstroke deal with the Greens on energy.

Only the dim witted Greens could come up with the idea of putting even more pressure on an ever increasing, unstable electricity grid, along with electric cars at scale, by urging the government to incentivise homes to give up on the certainty, reliability and luxury of gas and switch to unaffordable, unreliable, variable and intermittent wind and solar.