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Talking again yesterday to Chris Smith on his TNT radio program and the subject of Tucker Carlson taking his program to Twitter came up. As I said to Chris, this move and with cable television being the dinosaur and the last vestige and remnant of old tech content delivery, it has as all the potential to do to cable television what FM radio did to AM radio.

What the podcast has done to talk radio — What Apple music has done to record stores and music radio — What streaming services like Netflix has done to movie theatres and video stores — What Amazon has done to shop front retailers where you can get stuff delivered to your door from across the world the next day in many cases — What email has done to the postage service — What digital delivery of newspapers has done to newsagents — What Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has done to social interaction and dissemination of information, What Uber has done to the taxi industry — What Uber eats has done to restaurants — What the development of the concept of the Cloud and the app for everything has done to industries like shop front, over the counter banking and bank branches and shop front travel agencies.

The app idea combined with digital technology has also allowed for the creation and development of new, streaming radio stations like TNT, with presenters operating from their dining room table or their RV for that matter and their tech and production team in another state or country.

As they say, the list goes on.

The world has changed, is changing and has become more inter-connected and re-ordered faster and in ways never imagined over the last 10 to 15 years, than at any other time in the history of the world.

What a time to be alive..