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I notice in her rather scrambled, unhinged and disjointed stream of consciousness, in the Manly Daily, former Turnbull staffer and now Independent candidate for Warringah, Alice Thompson says that: He (Tony Abbott) is holding us back” because he has different views on SSM and climate.

This betrays a total misunderstanding of democracy insomuch as it is different views, ideas, angles and opinions that actually makes democracy, democracy.

That is, competing ideas are the beating heart at democracy’s centre and it is the tension and struggle between these ideas in a democracy that make it work.

Take a look around Alice Thompson, where you don’t have competing ideas in the market place of democracy you end up as Venezuela. Or North Korea.

In fact Thompson says that “he’s part of the problem with our democracy” from which I can only deduce that by “our democracy” she means “her democracy” reflecting her world view and her world view alone.

Or if you like, in her world apparently, democracy equals groupthink equals democracy.

Hmm, Venezuela and North Korea again.

That is, if you don’t agree with me you’re being undemocratic. This is seriously juvenile and undergraduate stuff.

She also cites the various Prime Ministerial ructions and upheavals saying “Tony has been implicated in all of that” without for a second mentioning how her former boss, Malcolm Turnbull was “implicated in” to use her words, the downfall and destruction of, and scrambled over the bodies of, a sitting member in Wentworth, Peter King, a leader of the opposition, Brendan Nelson and then a duly elected Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, and then went on to trash Abbott’s 2013 landslide victory, leading the government to a one seat majority and its current predicament.