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Just listening to a podcast interview about the gender wars in sport in the US with average and ordinary performing males, not even in the top 100, transgendering to females and all of a sudden, overnight, they’re number one or in the top ten.

Straight away that tells you something of the inherent physiological differences between the sexes. It’s commonsense. There can’t be any argument. One day you’re an also ran, a nobody, the next day you’re a world beater.

Even within the same gender it would be like an eighteen year old male competing against a ten year old male in the one hundred metres.

Growth and physiological maturity make the difference.

The question that should be asked is this: If any of us were a champion cyclist and drug cheat like Lance Armstrong or the Russian swim teams of the 70’s and 80’s we would be named and shamed and kicked out of the sport as a cheat.

It is cheating because you are using substances to enhance your performance to the disadvantage of the non drug using competitors.

The acceptance of transgenderism in sport is no different except although they’re not using drugs per se, they are, by default, because by choosing to perform as a female they at the same time, bring to the event their inherent male characteristics of testosterone and increased muscle mass, putting real females at a distinct disadvantage.

That is males, while passing themselves off as females psychologically are cheating physiologically.

Whichever way you slice it, it is cheating.

I suspect we will see legitimate female participation in sport slip away. Why wouldn’t it? Why would any bother competing if they knew they were going to be handicapped by a gender imposter?

If necessary give them their own category, even at Olympic level. Male, female and transgender.

The pedestrian view is that if you bring something to the event apart from what would be considered normal for a male or female it can only be regarded as cheating.

To further reinforce the point, the success of females transgendering to male sports is limited at best.

Anyone surprised??