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What Thinking Australians Are Thinking. The first is a great letter. It skewers the commentariat media, the political class and the elites in three punchy paragraphs.

“..The fiddling continues as Rome burns. The economy sinks further into its protracted crisis, debt burgeons, education standards wither, manufacturing industries dwindle, primary industries struggle while land, property and businesses are bought up by foreign interests. And the cause du jour for the commentariat and politicians? When and how we should celebrate our national day.

Six months ago it was same-sex marriage. When in doubt, go for asylum-seekers, climate change or Aboriginal issues. Or simply tune in to ABC news for five minutes to see what the day’s distraction is. Whatever it is, go for the sanctimonious feel-good factor, and avoid the hard issues — those calling for actual courageous and committed action.

I am more than happy to celebrate Australia’s culture and past on Australia Day, but optimism comes less easily. I am increasingly reminded of the final scene of the filmRomper Stomper — Australians fighting each other, as the tide comes in on them, and foreigners gaze from afar, wondering what the hell they are doing to themselves. The global shake-up of Donald Trump’s presidency just may be what Australia needs..”

Anthony Caughey, Elwood, Vic

How sad it is that some Australian citizens would prefer to see themselves as victims rather than as the beneficiaries of this amazing country. People are over their whingeing and will not be brow beaten into feeling guilty.

Keith Mouatt, Robina, Qld

Looking at the Australia Day awards, it is clear that the bunyip aristocracy is alive and well. Important people, who receive large salaries for doing their job, receive the highest award while deserving saints, such as the couple who have fostered children for 40 years, receive lesser awards.

Malcolm White, Balwyn, Vic

Will the Australia Day flag burners go the whole hog and refuse to accept unemployment benefits?

John Patterson, Byron Bay, NSW