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Stand up comedy is just not Turnbull’s forte. He’s so wooden, he makes John Major look like Jerry Seinfeld 
Even if it was scripted and rehearsed which I’m sure it was, the idea is to present it so that it doesn’t sound like it. He couldn’t pull it off because it was out of character. I mean the bloke can’t even hold a beer like a bloke.
As Clint Eastwood observed in one of the Dirty Harry movies and he could have been talking about Malcolm Turnbull. “..A man’s got to know his limitations..” Malcolm obviously didn’t get the memo. It would be easy to say that Turnbull should stick to his day job but the Eastwood maxim applies equally to that because Malcolm has been caught up in the Peter Principle as extolled in the 1969 book by Laurence Peter, on management theory which holds that a man gets promoted to his respective level of incompetence.
“..That’s a bit rough — condemning Malcolm Turnbull for his parody of Alec Baldwin. I hardly think Baldwin will be remotely offended by Mr “Trumble’s” humour..”
Crispin Walters, Chapel Hill, Qld
“..Trumble has tripped while trashing Trump. Will Trump be traumatised by the transgression?
Mark Scanlan, Hawthorne, Qld
“..Australians like a larrikin. Malcolm Turnbull proved he has a smidgen of larrikin in him with his parody of Donald Trump. Let’s savour the moment and have a good laugh..”
Ilze Frank, North Adelaide, SA
“..Malcolm Turnbull was supposed to get a few laughs at his own expense, not at somebody else’s. Did he flout the spirit of self-deprecation for his Midwinter Ball speech?
Mandy Macmillan, Singleton, NSW
“..After his parody of Donald Trump, it is definitely time to draw stumps on Malcolm Turnbull’s prime ministership. One would expect this from the Labor side of politics but not from the Liberals..”
Peter D. Surkitt, Sandringham, Vic
” ..Malcolm Turnbull should have known better than to mimic another leader, especially one on the same side, even if his remarks were intended to be a roast and in good spirit. He certainly should have realised that in his position he can’t trust anyone to abide by Chatham House rules, least of all journalists and politicians.
Laurie Oakes should have shown a great deal more respect for the Prime Minister by not stooping to the level of a rag columnist by blabbing off on something he must have known was meant to remain in-club and which was leaked with the intent to cause mischief…”
John George, Terrigal, NSW