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The media are jumping at shadows and totally clueless as they are so used to calling the shots and controlling the daily agenda. Then along came Trump and he’s running them ragged..

“…Rope-a-dope is a boxing strategy originally used by Muhammad Ali and his famous Rumble in the Jungle fight against George Foreman. Ali purposely put himself into a seemingly disadvantageous position, letting Foreman tire himself out and eventually lose the match.

Ali would lean against the ropes, allowing their elastic stretch to absorb most of Foreman’s punches. Ali’s energy was preserved while Foreman became exhausted throwing endless punches. When the moment was right, Ali, still fresh and energetic, came off the ropes swinging, punching, winning the match.

How does this strategy apply to politics? Just watch President Trump since his election and now in his first week in office….

Trump used Twitter much like a matador uses a red cape to engage and enrage the bull. The media took the bait and obsessed over what Putin and the Russians might have done to influence the election. Republican #NeverTrumpers like John McCain and Lindsey Graham chased the red cape too, adding fuel to the media stampede.

The added benefit is that, by covering nonsensical stories, the media is rapidly using up the little credibility capital they still have. Much like George Foreman throwing punches like a madman, tiring himself out. When Trump actually does something controversial, which he certainly will, the media will be beyond exhausted, having nothing to throw at Trump.

Anything they say in the future will be labelled as “fake news”, a term the media coined, now in a delicious irony being used against them. Like the boy who cried wolf, their outrage over non-stories today will only make them that much less believable in the future when they have something important to report…”  Trump Playing Rope-a-Dope with the Media