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“…Call me a cynic but I am always suspicious when the zillionaire flies in to a fanfare of a hundred trumpets and a thousand cameras to make an announcement as big as this without mentioning, or even hinting at, what the enterprise might cost.
Musk is a proven grand master at relieving governments of huge chunks of taxpayers’ money. It is a fair assumption that he is not paying the whole of the bill. Well then, how much is he coughing up and how much is Jay Weatherill putting in. If Musk is putting it all in then surely the South Australian Premier would be crowing about his negotiation skills.
It is time Weatherill briefed his voters and the rest of Australia as well about the truth of the claims or counter claims. Every one of us wants to believe that Musk will deliver something special that will provide direction in finding the energy to power Australia to the next level.
However, we need facts, not fantasy, if we are to become true believers…”  Wetherill must come clean