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Trump needs to get himself a better accountant. Like, for example Bernie’s or Obama’s
“….There is a tax-shirking 1% all right, as the left has always claimed, but it took Internet mavens such as Matt Drudge to show that these chisellers tend to be Democratic Party elites, legally or otherwise, finding a way out of paying the taxes they would sock to the rest of us. Bernie Sanders (13%), Barack Obama (19%), MSNBC (24%) and other names have come up.
Fact is, Trump pays his taxes like the rest of us. He gets no special breaks, he gets no special treatment. He shelled out for taxes at a 25% rate of income, quite comparable to what the average taxpayer pays. No wonder the average taxpayer thinks that Trump sees things the same way they do – he does, because he lives in the same world and by the same laws….” Another Exploding Cigar for The Left