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Since I originally posted this in 2016, it’s quite apparent that nothing has changed. In fact things have become decidedly worse. So I thought it was worth an update and reboot.

It explains why people are arcing up against everything.

Over the last number of years, like at no other time in our history, Western Civilisation and the associated culture and way of life is under attack.

It is in a crocodile death roll for its very existence.

What is going on is insidious and much bigger than both world wars combined and has been going on for decades without a shot being fired and it seems many people, if not most, are totally oblivious. Meanwhile the revolutionaries have become emboldened and exhibited no shame in declaring their intentions and no one in leadership is prepared to speak up about it, do anything about it or defend our societal or cultural norms.

Unlike the defined battle lines in previous conflagrations, the battle this time is a battle of ideas. The enemy this time are people who look and behave and speak just like you but they have a sinister and controlling world view inculcated through our schools and universities over decades and you have no idea who they are.

They are everywhere and nowhere. They could be in your own family. They’re could be on the seat next you on the bus. There are no uniforms. There are no guns, bombs or battleships and this is what makes it impossible to fight.

The way that our political parties are on the same page on everything from population growth through to the dismantling and Taliban like destruction of our energy generation on the altar of the climate hoax, it is quite apparent that they too are part of the problem. In many cases, they too have become the enemy.

Generations from another time in the sweep of our history wouldn’t recognise where we are today.

Instead of evolution we’ve got revolution.

And people are sick of it.



People are jaded, jaundiced, tired and ticked off.

They’re sick of big politics and sick of being ignored.

They’re sick of watching their country being sold off.

They’re sick of watching governments of both persuasions deliberately setting out to vandalise our energy capability and undermine Australia’s one main economic competitive advantage.

They’re sick of the rolling ruck and maul that passes for politics in Australia and many of the gormless and vanilla, pantie waist, ineffectual, milquetoast, empty suits of the political class who refer to each other as ‘honourable’.

They’re sick of Turnbull’s Labor lite Liberals and the Rudd, Gillard, Rudd, Abbott, Turnbull, revolving door of Australian politics and whatever’s comes at the next election.

They’re sick of the recalcitrant senate pouring treacle into our legislative gearbox as various cross benchers seek the fifteen minutes of fame.

They’re sick of the dithering, confusion, division and drift in political life.

They’re sick of the sneering, smug and supercilious practitioners of political correctness and the associated Orwellian groupthink and being lectured to and told what to think about everything from gay marriage to climate change.

They’re sick of being told what’s good for them and how we must respect all cultures and that all cultures are equal. They’re not.

They’re sick of the trashing and vandalising of Western Civilisation and they’re sick of supposed leadership that won’t exercise their fiscal clout over the university sector and strenuously and vigorously defend it.

They’re sick of the meaningless and empty corporate moral posturing and virtue signalling: “At AGL, we’re gettin’ outta coal and (gettin’ into tax payer subsidies and shafting you on your energy bill on the way through). At Woolies and Coles “We’re gettin’ outta plastic bags to save the planet” (but you can still buy them from us, suckers.) And at Qantas, we’re banning mum and dad and taking a position on gay marriage. Ditto the ABC on all of the above. And all four are doing this at your expense and inconvenience to burnish their good corporate citizenship credentials and because they’re pretty much a cartel, they’re doing it because they can and there’s nothing you can do about it, so shut up and suck it up.

They’re sick of the conceit attached to the condescending idea of gesture politics and virtue signalling. Of the coloured ribbons and wrist band politics designed not only to demonstrate to the world what a caring, compassionate and thoroughly good and decent person you are and how much you care about the cause d’jour but also designed to intimidate others into doing and thinking the same as you and to highlight those not engaged in your shallow exhibitionism as being somehow a less compassionate and caring person than you. Gesture politics is simply a case of wearing your heart on your sleeve or your chest or your wrist. An outward and sideways manifestation of groupthink.

They’re sick of identity politics and society being carved up into voting blocks of religion, culture, gender, ethnicity and others not yet dreamed up.

They’re sick of the inclusion and diversity meme as if it’s something that was missing from our society and culture. Australia has always been inclusive and it has always been diverse. We don’t need to be lectured about it.

They’re sick of their society and culture being treated like a freak show where every Star Wars Bar room weirdo and freak demands respect and dignity and that their equally weirdo rights be respected.

They’re sick of the contrived grievances of whiney minorities and not interested in your “journey”

They’re sick of seeing their society and culture being trashed and unravelling at warp speed. Becoming frayed and stressed and like a concave and convex, side-show alley, whacky hall of mirrors where everything is twisted, distorted and bent out of shape. At least in the mirror maze, you know that you will at least exit at some point. Not so anymore.  In this postmodern, dystopian world, the twisted, stretched, distorted and bent out of shape has become the new normal. The hall of mirrors is the new fixed reality.

They’re sick of spin and fake news.

They’re sick of being insulted by the justice system and told that every social misfit, weirdo and criminal whack job has rights and they’re sick of everyone trying to run the pathetic addiction or mental illness defence.

They’re sick of the condescending, finger wagging, politically correct, minority tail wagging the majority dog.

They’re sick of people like the former head of the HRC Gillian Triggs and her equally odious and humourless, wannabe sidekick Soutphomassane strutting their smug, supercilious, high-minded, moral vanity.

They’re sick of the moral narcissism, the moral panic, the hypocrisy and grandstanding of the Green/left.

They’re sick of cultural vandals like retiring politician Lee Rhiannon pushing for a ban on the ritual prayer of one religion, The Lord’s Prayer, at the opening of parliament but is comfortable with the ritual of another, the indigenous smoking ceremony to be celebrated and continue.

They’re sick of the black armband view of history and the cultural Marxist meme designed to generate and foment grievance and undermine social and cultural cohesion, that “WE were invaded”. “WE” weren’t invaded at all. In fact “WE’ weren’t even around and even if “WE” were, would you seriously prefer the hunter gatherer existence over the enlightenment and the industrial revolution and being lifted out of poverty as opposed to a life described by Thomas Hobbes as “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short,” How is it possible, in 2018 to be so conceited and narcissistic that the aboriginal elites can make themselves central to the people and events of 1788, and as part of the “WE”?

They’re sick of the constant carping and twisted bitterness, resentment and ingratitude of the pampered, educated, inner city aboriginal elites as they work their angle of intergenerational guilt.

They’re sick of the constant apologies from our leaders to one generation, who have had no crime committed against them on behalf of another generation who played no part in the aforementioned confected and contrived, non crime. And all while receiving $34 billion a year for the closing the gap program.

They’re sick of being lectured about white privilege. Far better I say, to be ‘angry, white and privileged’ than usefully idiotic, ignorant and beige

They’re sick of every pathology and politically incorrect thought real or imagined being be treated as an “.. ism..” or a “..phobe..”

They’re sick of the badgering, lecturing and hectoring of PC language cops for fear that certain words may offend the snowflakes.

They’re sick of education gender bending programs like Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships being presented as something other than what they really are, being outsourced to hard line Marxists from Latrobe University and made a compulsory part of the curriculum.

They’re sick of the snivelling, whiney, inadequate, hanky sucking, and infantilised young who can’t cope with being an adult with their weepy emoting and trigger warnings as they sniffle, blubber and chew on their cardy sleeve and withdraw to their safe spaces with their stuffed fluffy toys.  

They’re sick of the phony contrivances of political correctness like Welcome to Country, in a country they were actually born in and for which their forebears have fought and died and paid their taxes.

What we’ve seen played out in the US with Donald Trump, or in the UK with Brexit and the populist movements in Italy and Hungary is the people arcing up, what Menzies called the forgotten people, lashing out and striking back against the Lear jet and limousine elites and big politics.

They’re not just sick of it they’ve had an absolute and total gutful.

They’re as mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.