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“….Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all profess an all-knowing and all-powerful supernatural being: God. Progressives may say they do not belong to a religion because they do not believe in God. But Progressivism professes an all-powerful State. The State is Progressives’ god and determines what is moral and immoral and has the power to destroy whom it wants. Progressivism takes its place among the major religions
Unlike with the pope in Christianity, there is no single authority figure in Progressivism. This does not disprove Progressives’ religious nature. Islam has no single authority figure, either. Since Ataturk abolished the caliphate in the 1920s, no political figure claims to unite Islam. I suspect that George Soros considers himself the de facto Progressive caliph. Al Gore is an imam of the Green denomination.
What about sacred texts? Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have the Gospels, the Torah, and the Quran, respectively. The Progressives have The Communist Manifesto.
Just as Muslims believe that the whole world should be converted to Islam, Progressives believe that the whole world should be converted to their leftist agenda. They cannot both succeed, but right now they are often on the same team to fight the influence of Christianity, their shared opponent.
Progressives in America have been whittling away at our heritage for more than a century. And after eight years of Obama, who promised to fundamentally change America, the left became arrogant. They were convinced that their Marxist trajectory of history was within their grasp.
But along came Donald Trump to sabotage the agenda. Donald was considered one of them at one time, and now he has joined the other camp. He is now an apostate and is spewing heresy. He is an atheist to Progressivism.
Progressives may hate Christianity, but it is much more efficient to focus their anger on the man in their faces every day: Donald Trump. They want to kill the apostate, either physically or politically. So Trump Derangement Syndrome can be thought of as an extreme religious intolerance…”