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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Our Darkening Hour, Paul Collits — Quadrant

Sometime back the estimable James Delingpole of The Spectator and Breitbart News lamented that while the various forces of the Left fully comprehended they are fighting a war, the various forces on the right do not. Never were truer words spoken. What, then, are these wars? There are many, many battles and many fronts, but few theatres. By my reckoning there are six key wars, all of which must be identified, understood and, most of all, fought.

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Random Note — Di Natalie and Australia Day

To The Greens it’s all about image, about striking a pose and strutting their conceit and smug, moral narcissism in an endeavour to seek relevance with their base. There is not one aboriginal person alive today that has been dispossessed of anything. Not a single one. In fact they have been the beneficiaries of taxpayer largesse to the extent of the Closing the Gap budget of $33.4 billion a year. There is still a long way to go but the generosity and intent is the exact opposite of the image that Di Natalie is trying to convey.

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Trump was right….literally — American Thinker

Around 60% of the global population – 4.5 billion people – have either no toilet at home or one that doesn’t safely manage excreta.
-862 million people worldwide still practice open defecation.
– 1.8 billion people use an unimproved source of drinking water with no protection against contamination from faeces.
– Globally, 80% of the wastewater generated by society flows back into the ecosystem without being treated or reused.

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Of Home Truths and Shit Holes — Roger Kimball

But sometimes, outrage is but a patina of indignation whose chief motive is incontinent delight. Which is it for the talking heads at CNN? Are they genuinely morally offended by the president’s comments? Or are they really absolutely delighted by the opportunity he has given them to say “shithole” over and over again while also running endless chyrons reminding viewers that the president referred to (if he did refer to) Haiti, El Salvador, etc., as “shithole countries” from which we should not seek immigrants?

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Trump’s Shit Hole comments, long overdue….But not enough — American Thinker

The list of countries inheriting bountiful resources, both natural, and human capital along with effective governance models is led by Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Frittering it away is a post-colonial art form, actually a pernicious disease infecting most of sub-Sahara Africa and Central and South America. Nations freed from “colonial European white oppression” – despite being given all the tools to develop economic independence; political stability; sustainable resource development; enlightened parliamentary democratic governance; and efficient and useful bureaucracies to perpetuate safe, secure, industrious, self-sufficient lifestyles with access to clean water, hospitals, and education, not to mention a literate and educated electorate – couldn’t find failure fast enough.

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Random Note — Shithole countries

It’s a beautiful thing to watch the feral fulmination of the media over Donald Trump’s comments when he correctly described dysfunctional, corrupt and failed states as “shit hole countries.“

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Random Note — Scare campaigns

If Labor intends to continue with an expanded version of their Mediscare campaign, road tested with robocalls at the last election, into other areas of social policy, perhaps the coalition should commit to and take ownership of a similar scare campaign.

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Random Note — International Carbon Trading

First, create a villain, (co2) and then develop a scheme to commoditise and monetise the villain on the high minded, moral pretext that you are saving the planet. The comparison with the tulip trade is closer to the mark than we may think because the Dutch described tulip contract trading as “windhandel” (literally “wind trade”), because no bulbs actually changed hands and was simply trading in thin air. Sound familiar? It is exactly the same with the carbon trade. Nothing changes hands, it is another smoke and mirrors boondoggle which in this case, literally, trades in thin air or thin co2.

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