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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

The GetUp SetUp – Brad Norrington, The Australian

One thing GetUp can no longer deny is just how tightly controlled the organisation really is — and by whom. All of GetUp’s power is vested in its board because of the way the group is structured as a company limited by guarantee. The only “full members” of GetUp are the nine board directors, increased last month from eight with the appointment of former Labor for Refugees activist and CFMEU official Karen Iles.

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Random Note – The Washington Swamp

You have to wonder and be constantly amazed over the double standards and just whose agenda and whose interests are being served by the political class on both sides in the US over Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria. Is it the people or is it the interests...

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Random Note — Labor’s border policy

To paraphrase Matthew 7:16, “By their deeds you shall know them” Indeed we do – Labor’s open borders failure of 2007-13 goes like this: 1200 drowned at sea; 50,000 unlawful arrivals in more than 800 boats; 8000, that’s right, 8000 children in detention; and 17 detention centres opened.

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Random Note — Ca$hing in on climate

In a case of “show me the money,” if you were ever in any doubt that climate is not about the cash, and lots of it, this should totally disabuse you of that notion. Note how the delegations of Guinea and Congo are in inverse proportion to their respective populations.

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Random Note — Klimate Kidz On Strike

One hundred years on, you are being used as Vladimir Lenin’s useful idiots. And from the 1960’s, Mao Tse Tungs Red Guards. As the nineteenth century scientist Thomas Huxley once observed: scepticism is the highest of duties; blind faith the one unpardonable sin.

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Random Note — co2 and perspective

When the kids get back to school after their big day out, goofing off and on strike on Friday, as an exercise in perspective and so they can get their heads around what they were on strike over with regards to anthropogenic Co2 and Australia’s contribution, try...

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The PNG Gravy Train — Spectator

As PNG is our nearest neighbour (in fact only five kilometres from the most northern part of Australia, Boigu Island) this does raise some very serious and interesting questions and it’s difficult not to conclude that PNG is simply Zimbabwe and South Africa with all the same, attendant economic and social problems and dysfunction right on our own doorstep in the South West Pacific, yet it NEVER makes the news.

“…It’s easy to understand why these failed states like PNG and others in the SW Pacific would find the lure of debt trap diplomacy offered by China so attractive.Foisting a Westminster-style system onto a subsistence economy where the four million people spoke over seven hundred languages was never going to work well. The population is now eight million and still increasing and it is hard to see how things can improve without a bit more honesty from political leaders within and without the country…”

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Random Note — Weasel word of the year

In this age of offence taking for the most innocent social infraction, inappropriate, has become the Swiss Army Knife, the Wily Coyote, all purpose, ACME catch all, accusatory, linguistic tool of our time to be deployed on all and any occasion whether it’s fit for purpose or not and you can’t think of anything else

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