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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Random Note — Dual Citizenship

If the major parties remain intransigent and averse to the idea of a full audit or similar and this cloud of suspicion continues to hang over the parliament, the Governor General obviously can’t be certain that the parliament is properly constituted and it therefore flows from that, that bills to which he’s is expected and obliged to give royal ascent, are also not in accordance with the constitution, by virtue of some members being ineligible to even be there. Given all of that, as in 1975, if the party leaders won’t take action and facilitate an audit then it’s up to the Governor General to act and the power resides with him under section 5 to prorogue the parliament. Proroguing essentially terminates the current session of parliament as opposed to dissolving it entirely as would happen ahead of an election for example. It is NOT the same as sacking the government as in 1975. It’s basically hitting the pause button until the matter of dual citizenship in this case is resolved, after which parliament can be recalled to sit again and pick up where they left off.

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Postmodernisms attack on Western culture — Giles Auty, Quadrant 2000

How did Western society allow itself to tumble into such an intellectually dishonest morass? The answer as in so many other cases, has been a general lack of vigi­lance and vision or will to safeguard our freedoms. By contrast, most of those who have been swept along by cultural fashions and catchphrases fail to foresee the likely consequences of their actions. Frequently they are too young to do so and, lacking knowledge of other political systems—an almost universal problem for young Australians—have no idea of the value of the sys­tem they are attempting to destroy. Coupled with this, our current cultural controllers are not always keen to own up to what their hidden agenda may be. So what is postmodernism? One easy answer is that it is radical relativism gone rampant. But the answer I prefer is that it represents an attempt to usher in a new kind of left-wing totalitarianism via the unlocked back doors of democracies. Postmodernism represents the neo-Marxist conquest of Western cultures by stealth.

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Random Note – Prime Minister Julie Bishop

Up until the last few years The Liberal Party has been like the Uluru of Australian politics. It’s been a singular, monolithic feature of the political landscape. It’s been the Bamiyan Buddha statues of Australian politics. But not any longer. Because just like the Bamiyan Buddha statues, in the last few years the Liberal Party has been under siege and attack and blown to smithereens by political activists, subversives and insurgents under the leadership of Malcolm Turnbull and his “loyal deputy” Julie Bishop and all the other cronies and sundry gypsies, tramps and thieves.
To further make the point it’s probably best to simply rework Bob Hawke’s observation about another Liberal Leader, Andrew Peacock in the context of the 1990 election campaign: “..If the answer is Julie Bishop, it must be a very silly question..”

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How To Brainwash A Nation — It’s No Accident

As I have said for many, many years, the Berlin wall came down in 1990 as it was no longer necessary. The ideas and philosophies once behind the wall had long since taken flight and taken root in the West. Take a look around at the economic, social and cultural chaos and confusion.
Its no accident.

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Random Note #187,953 — GetUp

For far too long GetUp have been getting away with flying below the radar as a front and pretending they’re independent of any political party or grouping.
As a political left wing ginger group preaching from the high moral ground, they get $275,000 from overseas based organizations to use for their own political purposes whilst calling for a ban on foreign donations to political parties.

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Random Note — The Greens. Fly in, fly out pests

The very reason they continue to make headway is because we treat them like simple garden pests and don’t take them seriously, tending to swat them away like flies at a summer bar b cue as a mere nuisance and inconvenience.

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Random Note #196,842 — Editorial, Energy

As H L Menken observed — “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary”. Remember that. That is what the Green/left is all about. Keeping YOU alarmed, and hence clamorous to be led to safety. The government should follow the lead laid down in the Hippocratic oath: That is “first, do no harm.” In other words in certain cases, it may be better to do nothing rather than intervening and potentially causing more harm than good. That’s exactly what the government has done with energy policy in Australia

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Random Note #197,653 — Population growth

As we are only to aware, most of the 200,000 per year are gravitating to either Sydney or Melbourne and this is having a major impact on the supply of housing and therefore housing affordability (another topic) then of course there’s infrastructure, not only all the stuff your familiar with like roads and rail, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, but also the below ground stuff that is out of sight and out of mind like sewerage, water, gas
AND — electricity

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Random Note — 2CH Editorial, Malcolm Turnbull

He conveys neither certitude, authority nor conviction. His judgement is appalling and he embodies and exhibits all of the same dithering characteristics and qualities as Billy McMahon against Gough Whitlam in 1972.
If he were a colour he’d be beige. If he were a flavour he’d be vanilla.

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Random Note #198,681 — Australia as Malaysian flight MH370

The best real life analogy I can think of to describe Australia today and it’s leadership is a comparison to the missing Malaysian flight MH370. We suspect it’s been hijacked by a rogue pilot/captain (Turnbull) on an ideological jihad and been crashed somewhere in to the depths of the Indian Ocean.

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