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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Hillary’s Uranium One Reaching Critical Mass — American Thinker

But why has there been no prosecution of Clinton? Why did the FBI and the Department of Justice during the Obama administration keep the evidence secret? Was it concealed to prevent a scandal that would poison Barack Obama’s presidency? Was Hillary Clinton being protected in her quest to succeed him? The answer may lie with the people who were in charge of the investigation and who knew of its explosive impact. Who are they?

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Peter Ridd Hits Back At James Cook University — Watts Up With That

When it comes to climate, peer review is not what its held out to be or what we imagine it to be. It was once a legitimate process that’s been weaponised and politicised to ensure conformity.
“..Reefs have similarities to Australian forests, which require periodic bushfires. It looks terrible after the bushfire, but the forests always regrow. The ecosystem has evolved with these cycles of death and regrowth…”

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The Climate Council’s Global Damage — Quadrant

Check how the Climate Councils catastrophism, distortion and lies goes viral at the bottom of the story in red. That there are casualties and collateral damage as a consequence of one organisation’s blinkered determination to promote itself and its allies’ climate cause should not need to be stated, but sadly it does because, with one exception, the same media outlets which happily obliged the Climate Council with so much uncritical “reporting” of its latest scare campaign couldn’t be bothered calling, say, a Port Douglas motelier for his thoughts on what the campaign to present the Great Barrier Reef as diseased, dying and dead is likely to have on his bottom line.

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Blind eyes and the Russiagate ‘scandal’ — Quadrant

“….Australian reporters assigned to cover the United States pack their leanings — Left ones, of course — with their socks when they jet off to relay the action in Washington. Either that or they are bone lazy. There is a ripper scandal unfolding on Capitol Hill but explaining it in full has been too much trouble.

Any investment of faith in the Australian media’s reporting of events in Washington will not produce a dividend, as must be obvious after more than 12 months of monkey-see/monkey-cut-and-paste dispatches from our less-than-intrepid foreign correspondents. This is perhaps understandable, given the prevailing Left slant of all local newsrooms, especially the ABC and Fairfax. When their journalists leave for stints Stateside they pack their prejudices along with their socks. Having departed Australia imbued with their media colleagues’ prevailing view that Donald Trump is a scoundrel who must surely be impeached, they naturally turn for story ideas, if not enlightenment, to like-minded American outlets.

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Random Note — Justin Trudeau compares returning ISIS supporters with Italian immigrants

Moral Narcissism is the almost schizophrenic divide between intentions and results now pervading our culture — is the new method for feeling good about yourself. It no longer matters how anything turns out as long as your intentions were good, that you were “moral.” And, just as importantly, the only determinant of those intentions, the only one who defines that morality, is you

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The Arrogant and Inviolate ABC — Geoffrey Luck, Quadrant Online

Ethics and its constraints are rarely front and centre in deliberations within the ABC. Reporters blatantly obscure the truth, distort by selection or emphasis, and add their own commentary, often with a sneer. Prestigious current affairs programmes devoted principally to sensationalism defame individuals and industries on the basis of old film or material supplied by outside partisan groups and presented out of context. Australia has reached the stage where news from its national broadcaster is no longer trustworthy. It is now thirty-seven years since the Dix Report on the ABC. It’s time for another root-and-branch investigation of this billion-dollar elephant before it goes further out of control and does more damage to the villagers who own it and the unvarnished, un-slanted truth they pay for and are entitled to hear

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The Democrats’ Defence of the Indefensible — American Thinker

The most confounding aspect of the response to “the memo” is the Left’s hysteria over its release to the public. For days their adherents have been ranting and raving about the “national security” dangers, the damage it will do to “the investigation.” Now that we have read the memo, it is clear there are no national security issues. That was a lie, a feint. The Democrats know very well that the swells at the FBI, DOJ, DNC, NSA, State, and the Clinton campaign contrived to sabotage the Trump candidacy and after the election to submarine his presidency.

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